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"Except the Lord build the house,
they labor in vain that build it." Psalm 127:1


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05/13/2018 A Baby In A Basket Josiah Ressler Children's Lesson Audio icon Josiah-Ressler--CL--2018-05-13--JCF1102.mp3
12/13/2015 A Biblical View Of Brotherhood Earl Fox Sunday Morning Main Message Audio icon Earl-Fox--A-Biblical-View-Of-Brotherhood--JCF716.mp3
11/11/2018 A Call For Discernment Mose Stoltzfus Youth Bible School Audio icon Mose-Stoltzfus--A-Call-For-Discernment--JCF1177.mp3
10/14/2018 A Call To Battle John Kauffman Sunday Morning Opening Message Audio icon John-Kauffman--A-Call-To-Battle--JCF1165.mp3
05/13/2018 A Chosen Generation Steve Clark Sunday Morning Main Message Audio icon Steve-Clark--A-Chosen-Generation--JCF1103.mp3
03/20/2016 A Coin In The Fish's Mouth Eugene Sensenig Children's Lesson Audio icon Eugene-Sensenig--CL--2016-03-20--JCF756.mp3
07/22/2018 A Crippled Lamb Jordan Wollman Children's Lesson Audio icon Jordan-Wollman--CL--2018-07-22--JCF1131.mp3
11/24/2019 A Delightful Heritage Earl Fox Sunday Morning Main Message Audio icon Earl-Fox--A-Delightful-Heritage--2019-11-24.mp3
02/11/2018 A Faithful Steward Jason Hurst Sunday Morning Main Message Audio icon Jason-Hurst--A-Faithful-Steward--JCF1059.mp3
06/28/2015 A Giving God Dwight Waldner Children's Lesson Audio icon Dwight-Waldner--CL--2015-06-28--JCF640.mp3
06/16/2019 A Giving Heart Brad Martin Sunday Morning Opening Message Audio icon Brad-Martin--A-Giving-Heart--2019-06-16.mp3
10/08/2017 A Glimpse Into The Tabernacle Brendon Martin Sunday Morning Opening Message Audio icon Brendon-Martin--A-Glimpse-Into-The-Tabernacle--JCF1002.mp3
09/20/2015 A Godly Heritage Earl Fox Children's Lesson Audio icon Earl-Fox--CL--2015-09-20--JCF675.mp3
06/15/2014 A Guilty Conscience Edwin Strubhar Children's Lesson Audio icon Edwin-Strubhar--CL--JCF475.mp3
06/04/2017 A Hearing Heart Nolan Martin Children's Lesson Audio icon Nolan-Martin--CL--2017-06-04--JCF949.mp3


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