Joy Christian Fellowship

"Except the Lord build the house,
they labor in vain that build it." Psalm 127:1

Joy Christian Fellowship

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Welcome to the Joy Christian Fellowship website. We are a group of people gathering together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and serve him as his representatives here on earth. Because of our convictions to follow his instruction in the Bible literally, we often come to different conclusions for daily life than most of our American culture. We look forward to worshipping the resurrected Lord Jesus with you this Lord's Day. Please browse our website to learn more who we are, how to find us, hear some preaching, and more!


  • At Joy Christian Fellowship we are purposeful about cultivating authentic, edifying relationships with God and one another.
  • We believe that God as a nurturing Father calls us into relationship to know firsthand His faithful love. He has demonstrated his commitment to us throughout history, especially in the life of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. God has also spoken through holy men as recorded in the Bible so that we have a clear understanding of god’s desire for life giving relationships.
  • We believe that healthy relationships are first taught and experienced in a traditional family, and then shared by the larger fellowship of Christian believers.
  • We believe that developing edifying relationships with God and one another is at the heart of the Gospel and Christian discipleship. As we grow in our trust of God and one another we grow in our ability to share the kingdom of God with society at large, whether a next door neighbor or a stranger in another land.